Black Garlic – In Stock!

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Made from the garlic we grow on our farm, Black Garlic is tangy with hints of balsamic, has a mild sweetness that resembles rich molasses, and the complexity & umami notes of soy sauce.

Use Black Garlic in Stir Frys, soups, stews, casseroles, risotto, mashed into cheese dip or cream cheese, blended with mayo, hummus, or olive oil, thinly sliced on top of salads, pasta, or pizza, roast with meat & veggies.



Black Garlic is made when many small, simultaneous chemical reactions occur when the proteins and sugars are transformed by heat called the Maillard reaction. This reaction producing new flavours, aromas, and colours and is what gives black garlic its rich, tangy, molasses-like flavour and black colour.


The ideal container for black garlic is something that has space for fresh air.
 eg. paper bag & baskets. If you keep in jar, put kitchen towel in the bottom.

Store at room temperature – up to 3 weeks, in the refrigerator- up to 6 months, in the freezer – up to 1 year in an air tight container.

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