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When our pigs reach market weight, they are delivered to Conestoga Meats in Breslaw, Ontario.  Conestoga is a farmer-owned plant and all members farm within 3 hours of the plant.  Due to the exceptionally high standards at Conestoga, we are able to source high quality pork cuts.  These pork cuts are shipped to our local, German-trained butcher with 30+ years of experience, Gerhard Metzger at Metzger Meats.  Gerhard and his team transform our order into what you see on your plate.  Since the beginning, The Whole Pig has developed unique products and packages to fit into the lives of our customers.   All of our fresh meat products are vacuum packed and flash frozen to ensure that, once properly defrosted, they are as fresh as the day they were frozen. 

Please note, we are unable to ship outside of Ontario because Metzger Meats is a provincially inspected abattoir.