Growing Our Crops

On our farm we grow corn, soybeans, wheat and garlic. We have been using no til tillage planting methods for over 15 years. This means we do not plow our fields in the Fall or cultivate in the Spring. This method works well for us and the environment because it reduces the amount of times our equipment goes over our land saving on fuel and labour as well as improving the soil structure and keeping the soil from blowing or washing away.

Planting Photo 2

We fertilize our fields with the Nutrient rich manure produced from our animals. Recycling you could say. Because we are able to apply our manure to our fields we have not needed to purchase commercial fertilizer for quite a few years. We practice Best Management Practices and follow our Environmental Farm Plan. Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) is an assessment voluntarily prepared by farm families to increase our environmental awareness in up to 23 different areas on our farm. We harvest and store our Corn crop in our silos and feed this throughout the year to our pigs. Soybeans and Wheat are sold as a commodity. Garlic is sold fresh or sold for further processing. Our corn goes to a local elevator.