What to know when ordering from “The Whole Pig”?

This is the way we have enjoyed our pork for years and want to share the experience with you. Pork is very versatile in its many cuts. Roasts to Ribs, Sirloin to Sausage, Bacon to Burgers, Porkerettes to Pork Tenderloins, Chops to weiners…well you get the picture. Lots of choice. What is unique about The Whole Pig you can order 2 chops, or lb of bacon or buy a themed package. OR you can buy The Whole Pig, or more accurately a ¼, ½ or whole pig. A ¼ order fits into a Fridge Freezer or about one square foot. Our Whole Pig is processed into 4 main cut types, Roasts, Tenderloin, Pork Chops and Specialty which include Ground Pork, Bacon Burgers, Sausage, plus Bacon and Ribs. If you aren’t sure about the 1/4, 1/2, or whole pig packages we also have available individual cuts. In addition to packages and individual products you can get certain products in 10 lb. boxes. To date we have smoked chops, 5 and 3 ml bacon, schnitzel. We will take special requests (need some lead time for those) If you are looking for a backyard BBQ pig we grow those as well and take them to our local abattoir so they are ready for your spit. (two weeks lead time on ordering your BBQ pig would be appreciated) We also have some great BBQ ers we can recommend to you.

Download this file for a listing.

One Whole Pig order will have 2 tenderloins, 2 back ribs, and 4 side ribs. Approximately 20 lbs of ground product. Back ribs are produced from the loin of the pig. If you choose bone in loin chops the back rib is included in the chops. Thus no back ribs.

The roasts from the front of the pig shoulder, have more marbling and better for slow roasting and pulled pork. Roasts from the centre loin are the leanest (6 to 7 grams per serving). You need to be careful not to overcook. Pork Ham Roasts from the back of the pig can be ordered pure pork or smoked. These are different than a Black Forest Ham which is fully cooked and processed.

Chops and steaks are cut from the loin, shoulder or blade.

Specialty Products: Ground pork is processed from well-trimmed trimmings (making it leaner). It is packaged in 1 lb. pkgs and can be used in any recipe that asks for ground meat (awesome as a chili). We have a number of flavors of sausage as well breakfast sausage, bacon burgers (1/2 unseasoned ground and 1/2 smoked meat) and garlic and onion. Burgers are 6 oz. Big guys really. The Sausage contains meat and spices only. No Gluten. Great for the celiac or sensitive customer…but also important that is what you are buying. Meat. No fillers. The bacon is premium dry cured (cure mixture is rubbed onto the meat surface and monitored to ensure ideal curing time). It also means that there is no water in the bacon so it won’t disappear in your frying pan. The bacon will average 17-21 slices in a package and vary in size because a pigs’ belly is not a perfect rectangle. Bacon — not smoked, is called side pork (used in pork and beans). The ribs and back ribs are trimmed.

Fundraising opportunities. We would like to develop this opportunity with you. Let’s talk to see what will work for your organization.

Why order a quarter, half or whole pig? We have developed a table to help you know what order is right for you. Also, storage space required.

A whole pig is about 463 servings of Pork (based on Cdn food guide off 100 grams of pork/serving). Although 463 servings may sound like an awfully large number of servings, keep in mind that most individuals can and will consume more than 100 g (~3 oz) of animal protein in a meal. In fact, numerous research studies show that diets higher in lean protein significantly assist with weight-loss and can improve blood cholesterol levels as well.

To reflect the positive contribution increased protein can play in a balanced diet, the Dietary Reference Intake reports, published by the US National Academies, place the Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range for protein at 10-35% of total calories. Even scientists agree, opting for more frequent protein containing meals is both a safe and smart idea!

Our Goal is to improve your Pork eating experience. Any questions please contact us at We look forward to serving you.