Specialty Cuts


Bacon is from the Belly Primal Cut.

Bacon is Side Pork cured. Side Pork was a very popular in the past and still in some countries featured as entrees in their restaurants. It can also be found in your can of Pork and Beans.

Our bacon is dry cured. The bacon is vacuum packed and frozen after the process is completed to seal in the freshness and taste.


5 Slices





Total Fat







Bacon Raw

Our bacon does not come in a uniform rectangle package, because you are getting it from “the Whole Pig” and pigs are not a perfect rectangle. There are approximately 21 slices in each package.

To cook, fry individual slices to your desired crispness, drain on a paper towel and serve.

Bacon Cooked

Crumbled Bacon is great for toppings on Baked Potatoes, Dips, and salads or you can try the Bacon and Beer Cheese Bread recipe. Very fresh and dense. Any leftovers can be brushed with Garlic Butter and Parmasean Cheese and baked on low for 10 minutes.

Ground Pork

Ground Pork and Sausages:

Ground Pork 1

Ground Pork is made from trimmings after we have processed our pork cuts. If you would like to process a whole pig into Ground pork we can do that. Contact us for further pricing and further information.

Our Ground Pork is packaged as 1 pounders and made with lean ground meat.

I use ground pork in all recipes that call for ground meat. I find pork meat is a lighter tasting meat and therefore takes on the flavors you want it to with pizzazz. Try Chili with pork and I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

Ground Pork 2

Bacon Burgers: These are vacuum packed as 4 burgers. They are made from ground pork and ground smoked pork.

Sausage: Gluten Free. All our products are gluten free and excellent for a celiac diet or a wheat sensitive customer.

We offer a variety of approximately 1 lb Vacuum packed Coiled Sausage Varieties: Farmer’s, Garlic, Honey Garlic, Breakfast and Smoke. Again the ingredients are lean ground pork meat, sea salt, spices and Garlic or Honey and Garlic. The Smoked sausages are smoked and packaged in links of four.

Cooking: Like all ground meats both Sausage and Ground pork should be cooked thoroughly.

Type of Meat

Ground Pork





Total Fat








Source: Canadian Nutrient File, 2007b, Health Canada
Per 100 Gram Serving.


Porkerettes 1

These treats are, well just that treats. They are a big hit with all ages. A snack any time of the day. The tweens think they are great and for us as parents it beats a chocolate bar hands down. They are a really big hit with our children and their friends. So, next time you want a “little something”, reach for The Whole Pig Porkerette Stick.

Porkerettes 2

Our Porkerettes are as the name states, 100% Pork Meat, Sea Salt, Dextrose, Sugar, Spices, Ascorbic Acid-starter culture, Sodium Nitrite, Smoke. Ready to eat when you are. Each package is vacuumed packed with ten “Pork sticks”. We are selling them separately when you place your order. They come in Mild and Hot. Add at the bottom of your order or note in the comment section.

TWP Tiara

Tiara 1

TWP Tiara

Tiara 2

Crown Roast

Tiara and the rest of the package.

This is a new product that isn’t so new. Basically, we have taken the loin and back Ribs and attempted to make them into a crown. It “accidentally” looked like ½ a crown….and the Tiara was born. This Tiara with dressing flowing from it as a Horn of Plenty, is very showy. Also, try our apricot and Grand Marnier dressing. Excellent. Cooking of this roast is the same as traditionally.

The Rest of the Package.

Selling the whole pig allows us to provide these extras for you. With the Tiara package, which in essence is ¼ of a pig. The loin and Back Ribs are made into the Tiara. On an average ¼ pig the Roast will serve 12 to 14 people. Specify how many are coming to dinner.

If you wish for the tradition crown, as seen below we can get that for you as well.

How to… Prepare a Crown Roast

A Crown Roast of Pork is an elegant and impressive dinner to serve family and friends. A Crown Roast usually serves 12 -14 people or more, it is a great choice for a dinner party.

A Crown Roast of Pork is actually a rib roast or rack of pork, that has been “frenched” (meat scraped away to reveal the bone tips) and tied in a round “crown” shape. You will likely need to order your Crown Roast from your butcher or grocery store’s meat department in advance, however they may have them on-hand during the holiday season. A handy guide is to count the bones on the Crown Roast, each will give a large serving of pork when sliced, and is an easy way to figure out how many people your Crown Roast will serve.

Cooking a Crown Roast is surprisingly easy.