Nothin short of a perfect Pork stick.


Amazing flavor, full of meat.

Loved it. Tastes like something from a specialty European deli.

Now the sausage...I can’t say enough about it – low fat, wonderful flavour, good with several things. The seasoning were terrific and the lack of filler made it unique.


Tastes "real". Not like something overly processed.

We both like our bacon very crisp. The first time we had it with pancakes for breakfast, and it was excellent. The flavour is amazing. I find hard to describe. But the flavour and texture was outstanding. Cooked crisp, of course, the fat level seemed very low and even just looking at it, it appeared that there was not a lot of fat marbling in the strips. Just my type of bacon. We also used it (again very crisp) in an appetizer dip with cream cheese, onions, and parsley that was great on baguette bread.

The boneless roast was also amazing. It had wonderful texture, flavour and tenderness. We made it with a recipe called “Winter Pork and Fruit Ragout” that had the pork cut in cubes and dried apricots, raisins, red wine, dill, mint, cumin seed, and a bunch of other stuff. It came from a cookbook called “The Silver Palate Cookbook”. The fruit and wine made it absolutely wonderful without losing the flavour and texture of the meat.

The pork chops were terrific. Like all of the meat, the fat levels seemed lower than normal which is good, but the tenderness and flavour was definitely maintained. They were probably the best pork chops I’ve ever had.

I used to believe like many, that Pork products were like other red meats. I did not include them in my diet because I thought they were higher in saturated fats and calories. It wasn’t until I began training for my first figure/physique competition that my view of Pork changed. I was put on a very strict, healthy, clean diet for 16 weeks to prepare my body for a figure competition. The focus of the sport is to take your body to its extreme; muscular and lean with minimal body fat. My nutritionist had me consuming 6 high protein, low fat, meals a day, at least 1 of those meals included Pork. Very quickly I started to enjoy the taste of Pork. Being on such a strict diet forces you to get creative and I found pork to be so versatile in terms of the number of different dishes I could create. Discovering all the different ways that Pork can be cooked made it so much easier to remain strict and focused. I was able to prepare it with salads, stir fries, baking and broiling, giving it many different and delicious tastes. I reached my goal weight for my first competition and competed successfully. Pork will remain an important part of my healthy daily diet and when I train for my next competition.

Congratulations Meghan. 2010 International Drug Free Athletics, Natural Bodybuilding
Meghan White, BA Kin, CAT(C), CSCS, CPTN-CPT Certified Athletic Therapist, Personal Trainer (middle, straight blond hair)
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We cooked the Pork tenderloin for dinner. Two nights ago we had loin bought from the grocery store. I am amazed at the difference. I must say I feel really ripped off from the grocery store, The difference is more than night and day. The colour , the density and the taste.....remarkable.

Chef CW

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