Pork Schnitzel (2/pkg)

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They’ve done it again! From the talented chefs at The Chef’s Estate, these deliciously tender pork schnitzel are lightly seasoned with fine herbs and spices.
Special item & price in time for Oktoberfest!

Pork Schnitzel (4 oz x2)
* price is per package 

Ingredients – pork, flour, egg, vinegar, chili, sugar, yeast, salt, granulated garlic, herbs & spices

Contains: Gluten

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Cook based on your favourite method, pork schnitzel should be cooked to internal temperature of 165 (f) / 75(c). Traditionally served with fresh parsley and lemon wedges.


  • Deep Fry – Heat oil to 350 (f) and deep fry for 3 minutes or until internal temperature is met. Remove from fryer and season (salt) immediately.
  • Pan Fry – in ¼ inch of high heat oil  to medium high about 350(f)(vegetable, canola or grape seed). Cook 2 minutes a side until internal temperature met. Remove from heat and season with salt immediately.
  • Air Fryer – Pre-heat fryer to 400 (f). place in fryer, do not overlap or crowd, use two layers if available. Flip after 6 minutes for a total cook time of 12 minutes or internal temperature of 165(f). Remove from heat and season with salt immediately.

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