Bacon & Cheddar Sausage (10 lb Box)

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* estimated price based on $7.71/lb
* final price will reflect exact box weight

Gluten free and with no fillers, these sausages have just the right blend of spices and the perfect amount of the things you love – bacon and cheddar!

Pre-cooked! Just heat & serve. Enjoy on a bun with all the toppings, or as the protein with your favourite sides.


Ingredients: pork, water, cheese, (pasteurized milk, modified milk, ingredients, pasteurized cream, bacterial culture, calcium chloride, colour, microbial enzyme, gelatin, sodium phosphate, sodium citrate, potassium sorbate,  flavour, colur, citric acid, powdered, cellulose), salt, potato starch, rice starch, spice, sugar, sodium erythorbate, spice extracts, sodium nitrite, powdered milk, natural smoke